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Narasimhan Santhanam
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Chennai Area, India
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This is me!



Which is the latest book you liked and why?

Curation by Michael Bhasker. Wonderful insights on curation and the various forms it has taken. A needed read for our age when most things are available in plenty and choosing between stuff is tough

Who or what did you admire most recently, and why?

Dalai Lama. He is the complete man - simple, wise, kind and even manages to have a sense of humour

What would like to do, 10 years down the line?

Be known as one of the best in the world in something

If you were given a chance to start your life all over again, what would you change?

Learn music and arts at a very young age

Describe what would be your perfect day

A good balance of hard and smart work, and some meditation and music

What do you think if your biggest strength?

Ability to imagine; getting inspired by seeing, reading and hearing stuff

What do you think is your biggest weakness?

Impatience and very short attention span

What do you think is needed to make the world a better place?

Teaching folks get a more liberal perspective about the world, its people and its problems

If you were left alone on a lonely island for a week, what would you do?

Thank my good fortune and get a good, long sleep

What is the one thing that would make you work for days together without sleep?

Sorry, I need at least 6 hours of sleep every day. I doubt ANY work will make me do it without sleep for days

If you were asked to do some work without getting paid, what would it be?

Conducting competitions and contests for small children

If you start a new business, what would it be in?

In the intersection of the Internet and a fairly large latent need the world has

What were your key learnings from your parents?

Leading a sustainable life. Being careful about money (this lesson not learnt well enough yet by me). Doing simple household work on my own without depending on the maid

How would you like to be remembered by your friends and family?

Someone with a good mix of intelligence, commitment and courage

What has been your worst moment so far in life or career?

Getting fired from one of the first companies in joined, way back in 1998

What has been your best moment so far in your life or career?

Same as the worst moment - Getting fired from one of the first companies in joined, way back in 1998

If you are in a new city or country, what all do you do?

Ensure that I travel by public transport to the extent possible; this is one of the best ways to get to know the place up, close and personal

What is your opinion about luck?

Hope for it, but don't depend on it

If you were given unlimited money, what would you do?

Put it in something that can add incredible value to the world, and at the same time grow into a sustainable and profitable business

What do you look for most in your friends?

They being just themselves

Can you give some examples of smart work?

Delegating stuff such that you do only that you are the best in doing

What do you try to avoid most in your life?

Mechanical, monotonous work (and lately, report writing!)

Which is the latest movie you liked, and why?

Real Steel - real cool kid!

What has been your most memorable dream yet?

That I was sitting with Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google founders) and giving them tips on strategy for their firm - yes, this dream REALLY happened.

What is the quote you like the most?

The extra mile is the least congested

What do you like the most in children?

Their irreverence and absolute lack of respect for conventions

How would you handle a difficult person?

Ignore. If not possible, consider the challenge as an opportunity to increase my tolerance levels and patience

Other than relaxing, what else do you do when you are tired?

Reading novels, especially Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie novels

What has or have been your biggest mistakes so far?

Trusting some people because they can talk smooth

What is one achievement or proudest thing in your life?

It is still the gold medal I won for standing first in school in my 10th grade - totally unexpected, given that there were so many boys much better than me

What is the best thing you would like to do to your family and friends?

Enable them to form healthy habits

What new area would you really like to achieve expertise in?

Dancing. I know it is an atrocious ambition for a guy like me, but there it is

What new hobby would you really like to learn?

Some new physical sport, that's for sure

What part of your personality would you like to change?

My impatience

What new areas do you think you can put your skills to use in?

To help normal folks better understand climate change and clean technology

When you meet a new person, what do you wish to know about him or her most?

What is her educational and professional background, and which region (city/state) she is from

Have you done something for the society? If yes. What is it?

I taught for two years at an orphanage, spending at least 3 hours each week. Along with my work colleagues, I also provided financial assistance to the children to build a new home.

Which place would you like to travel to on your next vacation?

A place with a lot of green and a lot of quiet

What surprised or shocked you the most recently?

To hear that a friend's grandfather celebrated his hundredth birthday - and the centenarian had done nothing special to live so long - except that he kept himself busy and ate healthy food!

What is the best way to make people do what you want them to do?

Just showing you care about them, and by helping them in what you want them to do

Who is your role model?

It has always been, and always will be, MK Gandhi

What is the best way to focus on work without distractions?

Cut off the Internet, and keep off the smartphone

How would you like to reward your friend or colleague who has recently provided some important assistance to you?

Nothing beats a heartfelt Thank You

If there is only one request you would like to make to your family members, what would it be?

Just leave me alone the first 10 minutes after I wake up! It's meditation/thinking time

Tell something in your work or studies that you enjoyed the most

Analysis of interesting data to arrive at a critical conclusion or strategy

Tell something in your work or studies that you found most boring or painful

Accounting. Nothing can be more painful for me than getting financial accounting done for my company. Thank goodness I have a finance manager who does not have the same aversion!

Describe what would be your perfect Sunday/holiday

A late wake up, but without any hangover. Good food. Good music. A 1 hour nap in the noon. Playing with kids. And off to sleep without a care in the world.

If you are asked to suggest one new subject that should be added in all schools and colleges, what would that be?

For colleges: Meditation. For schools: Quiz contests

What are the key things you would do to be healthy?

Keep myself busy both mentally and physically. Do my 5 Km run at least once a week.

Why do you think many people fail in their objectives in spite of trying hard?

Sometimes just bad luck, but most times, too much hard work without enough thinking

How would you encourage your friends to work hard and become successful?

Have small achievable targets to begin with, and as you start achieving them, get more ambitious